Proven Roofing Services


New Construction

Whether you’re building from the ground up or performing an expansion, it’s extremely important to select a roofing contractor that can deliver for you. Roof installation is a critical part of your construction schedule and it needs to be done professionally, safely, on-time, and on-budget. Our experts are trained to work on every type of roof system with the latest materials, technologies, and equipment.

Roof Replacement 

Every roof has a finite useful life. When it comes time to replace your roof, you need to find the right system for your building, budget, goals, and objectives. We’ll work closely with you to create the right system for your facility’s needs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your roof system was built with expert planning and installation.
Roof Replacement

Repairs & Services 

All roofs are vulnerable to deficiencies that can lead to leaks. Extreme weather – tornadoes, hail, heavy snow, downed trees, even seasonal freeze and thaw cycles can damage your roof. By the time a ceiling stain appears indoors or water drips into your business, the damage is already underway. Water infiltration can compromise the internal structure of a building, destroy inventory and equipment, and can create slippery surfaces, putting people at risk for injury. You need a professional who can fix your roofing problem right and fix it fast.

Signs That You Need Your Roof Replaced

  • Blistering and Cracking 
  • Broken or rusted flashing 
  • Leaky skylight 
  • Water standing on the roof more than 48 hours 
  • Water stains on ceiling 
  • Ice dams at the edge of the roof 
  • Roof damage caused when installing or servicing rooftop equipment
Repair Signs

Emergency Services 

When it comes to storms no one ever really knows when, where or how bad. All we do know is that a storm will be happening somewhere soon. More than 1,000 tornadoes hit the U.S. every year with the most disproportionately affected areas being ‘Tornado Alley’. Hail damage in the U.S. approaches a billion dollars annually. Add it all up and your roof and business are vulnerable to destructive consequences like water intrusion, loss of power, equipment damage, roof collapse from snow and other major problems that could cause severe financial losses. Many roofing contractors can quickly become overwhelmed in disaster situations, sometimes even taking weeks just to inspect your property. Nurnberg Roofing has the resources and logistics in place to ensure that the proper manpower and materials get to your site in an urgent, timely manner. We are certified by all major roof manufacturers, so repairs will be done right the first time.

Waterproofing Services 

Nurnberg Roofing, LLC., provides our commercial customer with expert craftsmanship and quality waterproofing products and services to keep water out of buildings, garages and parking garages. We can handle every specialty repair or restoration project for any size of building. It does not matter if it is new construction, repairs, or maintenance, our experts can deliver the highest quality service to your complete satisfaction.

Asset Management 

Nurnberg Roofing Asset Management program provides important financial guidance in making difficult repair versus replacement decisions.
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